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Old Photographs Of Central Douglas

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Another timber ship. Edited to add - not Photoshopped the scratches and spots on this one yet so please excuse the quality.

Shambolic enough? Not a national chain in sight!

There are some old photos etc on Flickr - Yesterday Man the group is called http://www.flickr.com/groups/1629811@N23/

Posted Images

The display needs to be moved so I will try and get the photos laminated to keep the damp off them and shift them down to the end of the hangar out of the way (tends to get a bit of rain blown in when the big door is open but nowhere else for them at the moment). You would then be able to visit any Sunday over the Winter a have a look. Eventually the photos, plus a lot more, will go on a DVD and be shown continuously on a large screen TV - but that will have to join the queue for additional funding. Meanwhile, here's another one from the archives - low res but you get the idea.


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Would have been fantastic to have retained features like this..



I presume that's Athol Street? Incidentally there is a display of old photos at Jurby Transport Museum - tomorrow, Sunday (10am - 4pm), is the last day.


Sorry, would have been helpful if I had provide the info and where I had taken it from!


"The triumphal arch, erected in Athol Street to greet the arrival of Lieut. Governor Pigott, 14th February, 1861. Note the greeting in Manx."



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It's a glass negative - I think its 2 1/4 x 3 1/2" or thereabouts. One of many taken by my late uncle in the 1920s depicting scenes around Douglas Harbour. I need to re-scan some of these as I originally used an Epson 4870, which was very good, but the V700 I have now is even better - especially as its bundled with PS Elements 9. I find some of these old negs have really super detail. This one is of sailing ship Skandia Marstal - probably delivering timber from the Baltic as this was where they usually tied up - near Quine's Corner. I haven't Photoshopped this one yet so there are some marks on it.


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Another cracking shot. I must admit I usually just put my glass slides on a lightbox and photograph them - now I think I might be missing out! But you are right, they have some amazing detail in them. I put one of the King Orry (1871) and Prince of Wales (1887) in the Yesterday Man group - that one was a 6" x 4" slide - great for seeing detail. You did well getting a good collection from your uncle - nice to see them get put to good use!

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I adore looking at the old historical photos of the Island.

I may not be Manx born but three generations of my family before me were and they themselves have photos from over the years, of how it's all changed.

I saw many prints of old photos in the Railway Museum in Port Erin.

Stood looking at them for hours actually, they're gorgeous.

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Guys these images of yesteryears on the Isle of Man are fantastic so please keep them coming, just in case you didn't know there is another website that has loads of nostalgic piccies as well and is worth a look, www.manxscenes.com/forum and then click on the nostalgic section.



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