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3X3's Grand Slam Breakfast

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crispy bits

Hmmm 'crispy bits' what a polite way of referring to those things stuck to the eggs. Do the sausages have to have what appears to be a thick coating of lard attached to them too. (Beef sausages are quite awful IMHO, sausages should always be prime quality pork) Sausage casserole, sausage and mash with onion gravy, sausage and rocket linguine, saucy sausage pasta.

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Recently, I discovered Ready Made Potatoe Patties that you can Bake in the Toaster Oven.  So this morning, I Baked 3 Potatoe Patties and made another of my Manx Style Triad Breakfasts. Here is th

Ignore these fools druid. Home is where the heart is. You are most welcome as far as i'm concerned. Who did you vote for by the way?

Can we now merge this thread with the   'They gave me the all clear but I still developed cancer' thread?

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I was just informed by a Friend in another Message Board I am on that calling anything a "Grand Slam Breakfast" is Copywrited by a North American Restaurant Chain called "Denny's" and if they catch you using that sort of Name for a Breakfast, they will come after you and take Legal Action Against You.


So I have renamed my Breakfast the "Manx Triple Grande Breakfast".


I think I will make that again this upcoming Sunday, but instead do Celtic Spirals when applying the Ketchup instead of the 3 Lines Radiating from the Center.




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I made a Triad Breakfast for Imbolc.




It is Three Potato Cakes, with spoonfuls of Chilli Con Carne on each, with a Fried Egg on each, with a pinch of Mozzarella Cheese on each with a Teaspoon of Chilli Con Carne on top.


The First One is already gone. Yummy!!!




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