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Missing Cat Mount Murray

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Gutted for you, i was sure with everyone helping and a few sightings he would be home by now :(


But you know cats are like that sometimes, although beautiful creatures they are very selfish sometimes in that they can just go off but they come back when they are ready.


Positive thoughts, fingers crossed maybe he'll make an appearance tomorrow :)

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I believe that someone on the Mount Murray estate, got most upset last week, when Barry wasn't on the candidates list, apparently Barry's manifesto, which his "hooman" (oh please) pushed through the door, was the better than any of the standing candidates!

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Hi there, i hope you wont mind this but i'm a supporter of the Mann Cat Sanctuary?

They have a page on facebook called Lost and Found Cats.


After reading this topic i posted on the page for you hoping someone might be able to help.. you can see what i've wrote there, it should be the top post on the page at the moment.

The sanctuary is amazing and i know there's a lot of people who regularly check the page, so hopefully by getting the word out, maybe someone will have some information for you.

I hope you won't mind that i did this but my cat was my world (i had to have him put to sleep in April, at 21 years old) and i can't even imagine how concerned you must be, so i thought i'd try to help in any way i could.


Best wishes and i hope he comes home safely. Keep us posted!

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