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Well i did just make a post with a load of links and descriptions of each link on, but in my technical wizardry i managed to hit the close window button. Bugger.

Okay here are the links, and i've added the descriptions again. grrr


Manx Photographs


http://www.manxlinx.com/manx_photos.html Not many photos but they are pretty good. The thumbnails do not do them justice.


http://www.manxscenes.com/ Hundreds of photos of the Isle of Man taken by Peter Killey.


http://www.isleofmanphotographs.com/ Great site with loads of quality pictures on.


http://iomphoto.20m.com/ Isle of Man Photography Society site, not the best designed but the pics are good.


http://www.manxphotography.com/ The galleries are divided up into headings which are a bit different. The shop is a great idea and i am sure i will buy from her some time soon.


http://www.island-images.co.uk/ Good site, with pictures of the IoM and other places they have visited.


http://www.manxscape-photography.com/ I like the mono pics in this site, i'm a sucker for black and white.


http://homepages.enterprise.net/jasonquayl...ital/index.html If you visit none of the sites above then visit this one, a very different portayal of the isle of man, that i think does it much better justice than just a single pic.


http://www.photocycles.com/ I had to include one didn't I.


Photography Help


http://www.kodak.com/US/en/digital/dlc/index.jhtml The Kodak Learning Centre, brilliant resource


http://www.outbackphoto.com There used to be a really good newsletter on this site but it seems to have disappeared or i have been unsubscribed. Still a good archive of ideas.


http://www.photosecrets.com/p00.html The ten tips is a very useful post.


http://www.photographytips.com/page.cfm/1 Useful learning tool


http://www.megapixel.net/html/issueindex.php?lang=en A newsletter/webmag with some cool articles.


Review Sites


http://www.imaging-resource.com/ A good review site


http://www.steves-digicams.com/ The best digital camera review site.



Okay I've exhausted my favourites folder, feel free to add any more.

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Various blogs. Links to photographers and photography + other good links:


Conscientious - one of my daily visits. Often links to the kind of european landscape stuff which I find particularly interesting


flux - ditto


Expose - ditto


phototalk - doesn't work properly with Mozilla - but good






rec.photo.digital - via Google groups - endless debate with George Preddy - the house troll who is convinced that foveon sensors are the only way forward.


Luminous Landscape - mostly fairly traditional ... but lots of useful technique





The Photographer's Gallery - my favorite London gallery


Open Eye - the excellent gallery in Liverpool. Always well worth a visit. Website 'coming soon' - lol. I hope so. It's a good place.

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Slightly OT: Action Figure War Photography - via BoingBoing


I'm quite keen on this one. That's Action Man Vietnam era Tim Page on the right complete with Action Man Leica M4. Or maybe it's PJ Griffiths


Tim Page came to lecture us when I was at art college and took a few classes. He was friends with our course leader and was provided as a treat. They promised he'd be interesting and he certainly was. A bit of a nutter, but he certainly knew how to expose Kodakchrome properly. Almost instinctively. The Dennis Hopper character in 'Apocalypse Now' is based on him.

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Can anyone recommend a decent free online album type thing that you can image link to? It'd be nice to be able to upload photos somewhere easily and be able to link to them from other sites so you can easily show people your pics.



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I think www.photobox.co.uk / www.icdphotos.com give you 30MB of online storage which increases to 100MB if you order some prints through them


www.pbase.com is popular with photographers but costs US$23 yearly for 200 Megabytes of photo storage.

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