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Well i did just make a post with a load of links and descriptions of each link on, but in my technical wizardry i managed to hit the close window button. Bugger.

Okay here are the links, and i've added the descriptions again. grrr


<span style='color:red'>Manx Photographs </span>


http://www.manxlinx.com/manx_photos.html Not many photos but they are pretty good. The thumbnails do not do them justice.


http://www.manxscenes.com/ Hundreds of photos of the Isle of Man taken by Peter Killey.


http://www.isleofmanphotographs.com/ Great site with loads of quality pictures on.


http://iomphoto.20m.com/ Isle of Man Photography Society site, not the best designed but the pics are good.


http://www.manxphotography.com/ The galleries are divided up into headings which are a bit different. The shop is a great idea and i am sure i will buy from her some time soon.


http://www.island-images.co.uk/ Good site, with pictures of the IoM and other places they have visited.


http://www.manxscape-photography.com/ I like the mono pics in this site, i'm a sucker for black and white.


http://homepages.enterprise.net/jasonquayl...ital/index.html If you visit none of the sites above then visit this one, a very different portayal of the isle of man, that i think does it much better justice than just a single pic.


http://www.photocycles.com/ I had to include one didn't I.


<span style='color:red'>Photography Help </span>


http://www.kodak.com/US/en/digital/dlc/index.jhtml The Kodak Learning Centre, brilliant resource


http://www.outbackphoto.com There used to be a really good newsletter on this site but it seems to have disappeared or i have been unsubscribed. Still a good archive of ideas.


http://www.photosecrets.com/p00.html The ten tips is a very useful post.


http://www.photographytips.com/page.cfm/1 Useful learning tool


http://www.megapixel.net/html/issueindex.php?lang=en A newsletter/webmag with some cool articles.


<span style='color:red'>Review Sites </span>


http://www.imaging-resource.com/ A good review site


http://www.steves-digicams.com/ The best digital camera review site.



Okay I've exhausted my favourites folder, feel free to add any more.


Please add:




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Hi There,


I am new to this forum, but thought you might like a look at my new website; most of the photographs have been taken on the island. There are galleries on Fine Art Manx landscapes, live music events, TT races, among others.


I would love to hear any feedback you might have.


the web address is Orry Maddrell Photography


I hope you like my pictures.


Cheers Orry

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I recently joined the very friendly forum of the simon king wildlife website where they advocate photobucket. I found it very easy to use, and the SK site tells you how to use it. The photobucket site also leads you to post on facebook and other common outlets, but obviously I am too refined to exhibit to the hoi polloi.





I have seen choughs on the island, but not managed a decent photo. has anyone here achieved my goal?

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