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Uni, I have not been able to renew my subs since they ran out in March. I mentioned it to one of the mods a while back but forgot about it until today. It's not a massive problem to me but I do like t

and why can't we 'like' things?

I'm going to change your member status to banned if you don't start acting in a much more civil manner. That would be an improvement.

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Just found the Go to Top button at the bottom of the page - its a little white triangle in a grey circle which turns mauve when you put the cursor over it.


My tracking wheel will now last a lot longer!


I hadn't noticed it before!

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Is there currently a problem with the website? I and others have been unable to get onto it for a few days - "server not found". Now I've got access to a different PC/browser, no problem, and clear it's been working.


Several people have tried to post to the Twitter account, but seem to have been ignored..

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