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What Things Annoy You ?

Tempus Fugit

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Good oneTF. I can search the whole internet over the whole world for a resource and get millions of returns in 4.17 seconds. Search for something in the iMuseum located round the corner and it's like dial-up all over again. (I realise physical distance over the internet is not necessarily relevant but used for illustration purposes - it's still bloody slow)


Actually, I have a feeling this is intentional as it prevents someone downloading the whole shebang. I once asked to connect to their network via one of the sockets in the museum but was told I couldn't for that reason.


Anyway, back to things that annoy.


The Broadway Cinema or any cinema for that matter, with people feeding off a big bag of crinkly wrappered sweets, followed by sucking on a can of coke, then answering txts on their glowy screened iPhone. Any of those things deserve a damned good public flogging.

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