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Nominations For Vacant Legco Position.

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As I posted previously:   Being an MHK should automatically preclude you from LegCo. Christ but these political rejects, because that's what they are, have some neck...

Why so shocking? I am a long standing and enthusiastic fan of football united and enjoy watching a good game of soccer ball over a tumbler of pinted beer.   Alright. That's a massive lie: I stole

If you'd been following the long standing conversation here about Craine's possible elevation to LegCo, you would have realised that the 'affront' bit usually refers to the possibility of her landing

I have just renamed my cat Miles Illium Kerruish Kerruish Kerruish Kerruish Kerruish Kerruish Kerruish Kerruish


I trust he will be elevated to Legco instantly


And all his decendants after him for time immemorial

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I would never want to be an MHK as I would have no or little interest in local constituency matters. I would not mind being an MLC if I felt that in understanding and commenting on bills I had something to offer.

You and me too. And who wouldn't want to be an MLC?


£1000 a week for attending one meeting. The Legislative Council is the best club. The legislative hard work has been done and the House of Keys have trawled through the clauses etc. All LegCo do is pick their way through stuff, or even easier (as they usually do in the Keys) just aye it through.


Tynwald is a bit more difficult once a month, but it's still a meeting where you don't actually have to do or say anything, and when you do, just go with the flow. Then it's on the gravy train for another 5 years.


Ok, there might be some departmental work, but that is just an ego boosting jolly now and again.


No constituents to complain at you either.


I'm being serious here.


There is no need for the Legislative Council. Abolish it and the Isle of Man will sink into the sea?

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I was asking one of the MLCs why he hadn't retired yet. He told me he'd be bored and he got to travel around a bit so he'd continue to do it for a few years yet.


Nice to be able to please yourself, eh? LegCo is looking more like B&B all the time.

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Does it have to be a politician? I'd like to seea person from a very different background (in addition to the Bish).


As a GOM I'd love to see someone who can represent the youth of the Island. I'd even give Stuart Baggs a go! If the place is to have any value it needs people who will rattle cages not go to sleep.

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You don't need to be a politician.


Dudley Butt was in the police all his career, but became famous (in Isle of Man terms) for his parish walk blistered feet.


Juan Turner had a radio station but got famous (again, in Isle of Man terms) by showing all those parking tickets were illegally issued.


Stuart Baggs would probably do ok but he will have a busy life as it is. I am sure he could spare a few hours a week for the meeting the Legislative Council have.

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I doubt Stuart Baggs could spell 'A role overseeing complex legislation', never mind understand what it involves or undertake it.


MLC's require a great deal of life experience IMO. Though that said, being a knob hasn't stopped too many of them from getting in so far.


Why do people think this celebrity idiot should be put in charge of assessing legislation that can affect many lives? If he's that 'good', I wonder if the same people would suggest he works at the hospital and does their vasectomy. Hmmm....thought not.

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Albert I put his name up to provoke you....seriously I think that if we really have to have an upper chamber then it would be good to get young voices in there as a balance for the superannuated folk. As Mr Bell said some time before the last election, it's the young who are going to feel the impact of the economic challenges mess he made.


As an old fogey I would like the young to have more input into their future (which will pay towards my future...) There are plenty of politicians around to pontificate from "life experience" - it would be good to get some younger folk to add their "real life" input into the mix.

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If you knew Stuart Baggs, rather than just the buffoon you saw on the television, you wouldn't even bandy his name around as a hypothetical candidate. For most of those that do know him, even the hint of the suggestion is absurd and not even funny.

So he'd feel at home in the LegCo?


SMUJ the point I'd rather stick with is the need to get some young voices into the Legco (as we are not getting rid of it) as the future is of most concern for them as they have to live through the consequences for much longer...AND they might have ideas that we old fogeys do not have.

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