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Nominations For Vacant Legco Position.

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Can John Wright help please. Now that Allan Bell has placed every member of the keys in a post, who is going to oppose him. I didn't realise he was so politically astute, he has silenced any opposition from Lib Van, therefore putting him in a position to push ahead with all his plans.


Not happy if Anne Craine, good as she might be, is elected to LegCo so soon after the electorate rejected her.

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As I posted previously:   Being an MHK should automatically preclude you from LegCo. Christ but these political rejects, because that's what they are, have some neck...

Why so shocking? I am a long standing and enthusiastic fan of football united and enjoy watching a good game of soccer ball over a tumbler of pinted beer.   Alright. That's a massive lie: I stole

If you'd been following the long standing conversation here about Craine's possible elevation to LegCo, you would have realised that the 'affront' bit usually refers to the possibility of her landing

Why 33? It would not be implausible to have a working Government and opposition with just 3 politicians.


No you really couldn't. For that to work you'd have to have an executive consisting of one person, and two on the back benches. We moan constantly that an entire council of ten ministers lack the experience, knowledge, education and/or brains to deal with all the ins and outs of governance: with one person you'd basically be handing Tynwald over to the civil service.


A similar argument applies to the backbenchers: the most you'd end up with is a handful of single issues occasionally piping up, with shoulders being shrugged for the vast remainder of the time


A parliament should be as representative of as broad an array of views as possible, and ideally composed of people from a range of different backgrounds allowing for scrutiny to come from a variety of perspectives. Now, we can complain that doesn't happen now, but with a silly number like three politicians you're basically making that an impossibility for ever more, as well as possibly opening Tynwald even more to dominance by granny farmers and vested interests.


It's easy in discussions like these to get sidelined by our opinions of present politicians and be led into adopting a knee jerk "sack 'em all" opinion, but to do so is to confuse the problems with our politicians with the problems of our parliament and risks shooting ourselves in the foot for nothing more than the momentary pleasure of imagining twenty one MHKs in the dole queue.


As for the figure I came up with: That's slightly out of date since I've moved more towards the separation of powers position. Even so, it was based on two things mainly


1. convenience, since it replaces LegCo with the same number +1 of additional seats in the keys

2. CM + Eight ministers (having got rid of one department) means that in order to pass legislation it would have to win over at least just over a third of the remaining MHKs. Even if you had departmental memberships, but restricted it to one MHK per department, 33 is the figure for where around half of the Keys are in the executive or employed by it.


As I say, that's pretty much out of date now. Although I still find the idea of an expected Keys and no LegCo attractive even if there were a properly separate executive.




Sorry, I'm massively thick. I've only just noticed that the bit you quoted was actually me quoting John Wright's earlier post (the sentence slipped out of the quote tags when I was editing my post, and I've argued for a similar number in the past - hence the confusion). Apologies to John as well for looking like I'm nicking his quotes

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How does one go about becoming nominated for this vacant seat?


Maybe somebody should agree to stand on the basis that once elected, during the term they will not vote, take no remuneration, use the title MLC and basically do nothing. In effect the seat is filled and that is it.


If alternatively there are certain minimum requirements required to be met so that you do not forfeit your seat, get done for being in contempt etc then in essence they should do nothing as above but the absolute minimum required to maintain their seat and be reimbursed for their minimum time in respect of this.

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The problem with reducing the number of Dept members is that, the Executive would lose some of their influence over the body of the House or the MHKs would have to deny some of their colleagues, or their self, the 11 k quids for the dept work. Neither are likely to happen.

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Give it to David Quirk. It gets him out the way at least. Then have a by-election to find at least a half capable MHK in Onchan to replace him.


Hmmm....that's where my plan falls down.

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Nominations closed at 5pm. Only two nominations according to 3fm web site, a Mr. Tony Wild and a Mr Brian Rae put forward. Anyone know the two gentlemen and any knowledge of their strengths and expertise. NO ANNIE as yet

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Just checked Manx Radio web site and they provide more information

Mr. Brian Rae. Retired Meteorological officer(thought the name sounded familiar).

Mr. Tony Wild. Head of priority services,Standard Bank

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" Mr. Tony Wild. Head of priority services,Standard Bank "


What are 'Priority Services'?


Soting out the bonuses? He's sure to be elected then! ( ie. vitriol).

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I have no doubt that Brian Rae is a good bloke.




Is that what this Island really needs right now, in the largely needless Legislative Council?


He had one of the cushiest Government numbers ever 'doing the weather' and getting well paid and pensioned too. There are about 8 of them down at Ronaldsway doing what the internet can tell you far more accurately in seconds.


Yeah, this is the same old same. Government man does a cushy job and them gets a cushy pension then to top it all gets a cushy £50k a year job on the Legislative Council.


Someone please tell me this is one almighty big fuck off joke.

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There are about 8 of them down at Ronaldsway doing what the internet can tell you far more accurately in seconds


Except that it's local forecasters who probably write the forecast for the internet in the first place!


More seriously, it is good to see two candidates fro the 'outside'.

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