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Top Gear Stamps

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Reading this week's Courier, I was a bit surprised to see the next lot of Isle of Man stamps are Top Gear themed..


How tentatively linked, if at all, does a subjet have to be before the Isle of Man Post Office will make a cover of it? Maybe if there were stamps with a picture of a TG car up on Marine Drive or over the Mountain*, I could forgive them, or at least be less embarrassed about it.


The money in this scheme, is from the collectors who effectively buy little pieces of crinkly sticky backed paper and keep them. I am sure that Isle of Man Post Philatelics are praying for one of our residents to be the second cousin twice removed of someone who went to school with Wayne Rooney. A whole set of Man Utd Isle of Man stamps selling all over the world. Still, in these soon to be strickened times, I shouldn't complain.





Edited to add:

* and a stamp with a picture of some so-called ramblers' cars at Langness. That would be good.

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It's nothing new, been going on for years and purely a commercial enterprise by IOM Post Office. I don't think any of the below are linked with the Island apart from maybe LOTR.


How about:


Lewis Hamilton



Harry Potter



Lord of the Rings


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What has been going on for year's is the Isle of Man's shameless pursuit of a quick buck


"...Given the Island's motorsport connections....."

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It strikes me as a bit hypocritical to latch onto Top Gear, given the treatment of Jeremy Clarkson and his family by certain Islands residents!

Dear God are you serious. As far as I know all the residents did was walk past his house. I've counted six people passing my house in the past couple of minutes, do you think this constitutes a possible High Court claim, cause there is at least one of them that I dont like, and that offends me. But i'm not rich or a loudmouth.

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