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Calling from Microsoft after contact from Manx Telecom (allegedly!)


Well managed to keep him on the line for thirty minutes pretending to be an absolutely thick dumb fuck who's more incompetent than Frank Spencer!


Listened to them waffle on for a while and eventually he tried to get me to log onto a Logmein remote access page to give him access. Infuriated him by messing him around and saying i was having problems etc


He then asked me for the names of the local IT companies i use so gave him a few beauties including Mega Computers, Super Duper Computers, and Sweaty IT Services, all of which he was very happy to take down (so no doubt someone else may hear these mentioned!)


He then passed me onto the "Legal Department" who proceeded to threaten me with a thousand pound fine (wtf?) so i led her on for another good ten minutes whilst watching stuff on youtube


She was MEGA pissed off at the end and after some more threats i asked her where she was based (LONDON!) and she then said i was not taking her seriously and hung up


Was amusing and definitely pissed them off more than hanging up.

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funny! well done, that was a good read. would like to hear more of these instances.


i had one a while back but it wasnt as funny as yours. he said i had a virus and i acted really concerned and worried so i told him i was an it security engineer and if he told me the name of the virus i could get a signature file update from HQ, he couldnt tell me the virus (surprise) and so i asked the name of his company so i can google it; to which he hung up.


its as if through outsourcing these buggers have gotten all of our details!

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they keep ringing the mrs and giving her the chat, as i never answer the home phone, then tonight she handed me the phone and he hung up. was gutted as i wanted to string him along a bit

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One of them rang a friend of mine who is ex directory. How do they get these numbers?


again i will speculate that its the foreign call centres selling out data


More likely their systems auto dial sequentially until someone picks up. Sometimes they maybe have your name on the screen, other times not - depending on what other reverse lookup data their systems pull in connected to the number. And the script probably varies dependng upon what they have.


You are wasting your time playing with them. They don't care.

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Same, had one on the phone a couple of days ago, I quite enjoy getting the odd one, as I like to play along. The other type I got was from someone who told me I could get loads of money back from my credit card company and it wouldn't cost me a penny as the up front £299.00 fee would be refunded once my claim was successful.

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