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Interesting result on the IOMtoday web poll:


Web Poll


Thursday, 24 November 2011


Should the government intervene to assist the family of Rafal Adamniack, the Manx-born three-year-old with Down’s syndrome whose parents are desperate to find better accommodation?


Yes. There has to be an element of good sense and humanity in applying the rules for waiting lists. 1253 (28%)


No. It may be harsh but the government can’t start making exceptions to its rules. 3202 (72%)


That seems like a large number of people taking part in that poll ... or perhaps a small number placing a lot of votes.

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Quite simply, under Manx law the needs of the child come first - and once in the Isle of Man the law must apply equally to everyone. To suggest other than that is frankly dreadful.   In the case of

The reds? Sweet Jesus, did a portal into the 50's open up on this thread, or at least a cheap parody of the 50's?

Most of us wouldn't move to another place and expect to have a baby with Down's Syndrome & Luekemia. We accepted these people to come and do jobs we didn't want to and then when desperate situatio

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Happy ending


Had I bought one of those hats from shopiom, I would undoubtedly now throw it in the air in jubilation

But I didn't

So I can't


Hope they have a wonderful christmas in their new home.

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