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Conister As A Bank

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What are they like? I've a couple of quid I need to do something wise with and I thought Conister looked like a safe bet. I like the whole idea of it being independent, thus not having a clearing bank, my worry about private banks was, if a clearing bank like RBS died would the deposits of private banks be protected? for eg, private banks put their customers money into a clearing bank, clearing bank dies, what about the private banks deposits?.....anyway I don't really think my £2.50 hop-tu-nae money will get me through the front door of one :)


All other 'financial products' are ridiculous, you take out a policy with one company and by the time it's ended the original company no longer exists and their business has been sold on to some global outfit giving no return what so ever. All a load of old cod fish.

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try Cayman National Bank in hope street, fantastic independent bank, great personal service and good company methodology. very highly recommended!


and yes it is the bank who you have the relationship that holds the license that would protect your funds :) any doubt call the FSC for advice

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IOM Depositors Compensation scheme covers you up to £50k so you should be good in any Bank with an office on the IOM. Check the local rags for adverts re rates. Anglo (now AIB International Savings) I think has one of the best annual rates and the bank is owned by the Irish Govt (as a subsiduary of AIB).

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