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Isle Of Man Newspapers

Dave Hedgehog

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It does seem the viability of Isle of Man Newspapers is increasingly in doubt. There have been reductions in staff already, the papers are thinner than ever, presumably due to the fall in advertising, they have already shifted the bulk of sub-editing off-Island, now they are moving the printing off-Island. The next step will be to get rid of that huge building, most of which will be empty once the press is closed.

Perhaps it would be better if Johnston cut its losses and closed the operation down now.

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I'd be surprised if it had anything to do with print quality - to do a run on the papers you need to bring over huge reels of newsprint, then pay loads of people to run the presses, then have people stood round putting the paper together, then distribute it. Far cheaper from Johnston's perspective to run the Sheffield press for longer... the more you use a press the cheaper it gets. You can't contract it out on-Island because there isn't a fast enough offset press for newsprint.

It's a move most papers made in the UK decades ago, and it's been widely-expected here for a while. If I was doing a job which could be done in a huge centralised facility elsewhere, I'd be a bit worried. Sub-editors, telesales and that sort of thing don't need to be done on-Island. I think a lot of the production work is already done elsewhere.

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what happened to "support local"??


presumably the IOM operations of UK owners Johnson Press plc has been making a profit (it must do otherwise Johnson Press would have offloaded a liability) so how much?? -


perhaps IOM Newspapers MD Helen Byrne should say what the figures have been over say the last 5 years .....

and by the way what happens to the profits??


If the people losing their jobs have the active support of the journalists then militant action by them, withdrawing their labour, would force IOM Newspapers Board ( exactly who are these people?) come up with some other idea to keep the whole business local!


and remember the film Other People's Money with Larry the Liquidator......

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None of these so called "MANX NEWSPAPER'S" really contain any new's as such anyway,so why not just stop purchasing them!

The editorial staff are obviously in Governments pocket,as indeed are" MANX Radio" and as such I would expect said government to reduce the massive sums they contribute to Johnson Press, by way of advertising et'c, accordingly.

Shop Local is our Gov't Mantra i s it not?

Our land of milk and honey is F***ED.

1 month in, and already they are making the same mistakes all over again,consultants, et'c,secure in the knowledge that their own gold plated,and still non-contributory pension, will be the last item on the TO DO list along withthe FOI legislation.

F**k me even PK has taken" Bells Bonus",which is in complete contravention of everything he spouted whilst seeking re-election.

Our whole system of governence is going to place every person on this Island back on spuds and herring at this rate.

We may run out of cash, but their pension benefts will remain in place till the last, and then passed on to their dependents as wel! , this whilst"NOBBLERS " will not have the ability or resources left to treat a broken toe.

Rant not over.

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Time for the Peel City Guardian and the Manx Herald to be reincarnated?


I can understand the cost savings and improvements but prior to this they already hiked the Examiner and Indy Price up. Did IOM Newspapers get DTI funding for the Peel Road printing machinery? Printing presses like boats increase in value unlike motor vehicles. Will there be a payback?


Additionally the question remains will Government support this new move by paying money for their announcements in the papers when the profits go off Island and Manx workers are thrown on the dole?


Just watch the Council of Ministers crawl out of this one. And they will like they always do with the spin.


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Printed news is doomed.


The internet is where most go to get the latest news, as someone else said what is the point of buying something full of news that you have already read?


This is just progress and maybe an opening for some journalists to start an island Internet news service with a pay-wall? Would have to be good though!


On a related issue, I placed a couple of box adverts in the Courier and Examiner about a year ago and was quite astounded at the cost, IIRC about 375 quid for a couple of weeks and the size was about 3" x 4"

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