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Parish Walk 2012


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Parish Walk Photos 2012


Tag family and friends you might see in here smile.png


If anyone wants any without the logo on please let me know smile.png


Dont worry, there free!




great photos, I just wish the parish walk website had photos like yours, I think someone called harrison has pretty good photos of the parish too.

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Correct I havent finished it, have no intention of doing so either...............nice try.


On that point you've finished once........so your giving advice on being a "seasoned" endurance athlete, PPPPPFFFFTTTTTTTTT.


Prancing around like a fanny in the Outback in a kilt doesnt count.


Agree with IO, your advice is at best basic...............oh yeah I asked some people who have finished the Parish Walk, won it and also work with my dad.....your advice is pretty basic.


See you later and take care.

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