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If people REALLY want something to be concerned about it should be what can only be described as the seemingly lackadaisical attitude being taken by the Manx government regarding the radon gas hazard.


Considering the geology of the Island especially in view of the mineral extraction and the minerals that have been found there are some parts of the Island that simply must have a high radon presence and I would be very uneasy if I lived in Foxdale, parts of Laxey, Port Erin, and a few other places having parallels dam close to congruency with Wales and Cornwall geology where radon is a recognised serious risk.


Radon is a colourlless odourless radioactive and so carcinogenic gas that occurs over certain geological features.


It’s a bit of a ‘chemtrails’ issue with me, though unlike ‘chemtrails’ it’s not a red herring – it’s for real.


Check it out here –


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and I would be very uneasy if I lived in Foxdale,


I'd be very uneasy if you lived in Foxdale. However, it wouldn't surprise me :P



Would that be the 6 fingers on each hand, the sound of Dueling Banjo’s, or my mother having the same date of birth as my sister?

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OMG that brought back some memories...the chemtrail looney from the other forum....really brightened up my afternoon.  Thanks


Heh, Michael Irving, a blast from the past!


World Action




Thats the guy...genius. Im all for a bit of conspiracy theory (9/11, moon landings and the like) but come on....

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Rog Posted Today, 08:18 PM

QUOTE(thebees @ Apr 27 2005, 08:08 PM)

There were tales of old about strangeness around the lead mines at Foxdale.







And the high incidence of cancers in Laxey.



Check out www.leetyrer.com for a paper on health, mortality etc in IoM (sorry to bother you with facts)

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Check out www.leetyrer.com for a paper on health, mortality etc in IoM (sorry to bother you with facts)


Thanks for the link, that is a very interesting paper though it doesn’t address any ‘hot spots’ on the Island, which is hardly surprising, especially so as the mobility of people over the last 30 years when movement between towns has been quite significant and environmental effects would be difficult to extract. Any epidemiological data relating to localised effects would probably only be found by examining causes of death up to (say) 1960 at the latest.


What’s more, consider the remark made in para 4.9 of the report


“ --- overall split of deaths does not follow the pattern of deaths evident in E+W, with an excess of deaths recorded for Circulatory disease balanced by lower than expected deaths from respiratory and other causes ---“


With a ‘(A-E)^2/E’ variation that is positive in most causes of death from the E+W mode used as the norm being as high as 13.6 for circulatory conditions this alone may well be masking existing cancers from being counted as that simply would not show on death certificates unless they were a related and/or contributory cause of death.


This is factor is specifically recognised in the report where it is written


“More work needs to be carried out to establish if excess Circulatory deaths are due to health and environmental factors. Most of these excess deaths occur at advanced ages where the primary cause of death may not be straight forward and so it is possible it could be a result of the coding process. The lower than expected incidence of death from Other Health Related Diseases supports this theory, as there may well be causes of death in this category, where death from Circulatory causes was contributory and more acceptable to the family of the deceased”


In spite of what we might like to think there is a certain stigma associated with cancer in some peoples minds.


In conclusion I personally believe that there needs to be a radon survey undertaken on the Island and the results published as has been done here on the Mainland so that people can take such measures as are appropriate.


I also believe that there are ‘hot spots’ for cancers in areas where radon levels are high on the Island - common sense and evidence from other areas of both the UK and the rest of the world clearly and unequivocally show this - and that the paper that you identify, although interesting, singularly fails to identify such hot spots as that was not its aim in any case.


I also believe that the incidence of cancers may not even be known on the island, especially if they are not the primary or related cause of death, or at least the information it is not in the public domain.


I openly admit that the Radon issue is something of an obsession with me but that doesn’t mean that I overemphasise the risks associated with it I repeat my assertion that if I lived in some parts of the Island I would be very concerned, and I do think that the Government there should get their backsides into gear and have a survey conducted in the public interest as has been done on the UK mainland as well as in Ulster.


There is a problem.


Sorry about 'doing an Irving'.

Edited by Rog
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I raised the issue of Radon in the Isle of Man some time ago. Having not found the thread in the search, it must have been on the previous forum.


My query at the time was whether it was a threat to us based on the information in a couple of links, and why the Government didn't appear overly concerned about finding out.


I don't have the time to do the necessary searches to provide the links but 'radon' does return results on the Government site, albeit old documents.

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My query at the time was whether it was a threat to us based on the information in a couple of links, and why the Government didn't appear overly concerned about finding out.



Maybe because some people already know and don't want the issue aired (pun intended)


Here is the URL of a general site on the subject –



Here is one from the British Geological service-



Here is the URL of a document from the UK government on the issue regarding the construction of new houses



And here is a detailed atlas of England showing the hot spots.



Cornwall is a bugger, as are parts of Wales, and the cause for concern for the Island, or at least for parts of the Island, is that the Island is so similar to much of Cornwall indicating that there may well be a significant radon issue on the Island as well.

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And more!


Seemingly there was a report published some years ago regarding the presence of fissile materials on the Isle of man --- "Manx Uranium Deposits around Disused Lead Mine" Mona's Herald (Aug. 29th 1950)


This would add weight to my earlier comments regarding cancer hot spots around Laxey especially.


Another item that I have turned up is http://www.iop.org/EJ/abstract/0031-9155/45/8/313


What surprised me is the discovery that there had been an investigation undertaken of radon levels on the Island with some results that I find alarming as well as surprising, not least that in view of this limited information there are not people running round like scalded cats in the government getting to grips with the obvious problem.


For example, are radon surveys conducted before planning permission is being granted or buildings being erected? I somehow doubt it.


Some key phrases from the item that the URL leads to ---


--- readings were taken in eight homes over a 12 month period. An average island indoor exposure of 48 Bq m-3 --- This compares with a UK home average of 20 Bq m-3 --- Ten homes of those measured were found to have radon levels above the National Radiological Protection Board 200 Bq m-3 action level. There are 29 377 homes on the Isle of Man, suggesting that there could be some 900 or more homes above the action level


To get the full report other than just the abstract registration is needed.


Now, about those chemtrails ----

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