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I've just changed mine like this;-


I found the photo I wanted on google images. I opened it and saved as mynewavatar in my PC's picture folder


I then went into My Profile


> Edit Profile


> Change Photo


> Use A Custom Photo


> Browse - find your saved image and select it


> Done


> Save Changes


That's it I think?

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Hee, Hee - while scanning down a page in a different thread recently I was reminded of Addie's original post in this thread when I noticed that Frances didn't have an atavar picture.


Frances is one of our long standing posters and one who I follow as she's usually informative and holds strong opinions.


So I wondered what atavar would be appropriate - I typed Frances into Google images and found these:




Then I tried Frances Isle of Man and found this:




I also found this when I by mistake typed in Francis:




They all seem reasonably appropriate ... but I admit that is rather presumptious on my part.


What atavar do you think Frances should have?


Go on Frances - why don't you make it easier when scanning a thread to see if you've posted by adding an atavar!


How did you get into my porn folder?

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Chinahand - why do you maintain the avatar of Mao Tse Tung when your politics are more like Bill Clinton's?


It is interesting that you are not the only person to have connected my atavar with my politics - I chose the name Chinahand while studying about China and thought Mao Zedong (I prefer Pinyin to Wade Giles - all those apostrophies are more than a little confusing P' is a P sound, while P is a B sound) was quite a good atavar to sum up the contradictions of China - hero and villian, soldier, poet and tyrant.


The link is between Chinahand and Mao, not between me, or my politics.


Also there is pure laziness on my part and the atavar seems to fit my rather ponderous, over-academic, know-it-all posting style.


I notice there is a trend at the mo for new atavars - Addie I preferred your optical illusion to the new hat, but then my taste is no guide!


So should I stick with Mao?


Or how about a Daoist:




Or Ren Xiong's amazing self portrait (painted in the 1850s: Euopean Modern art knows nothing!):



Which atavar would suit me better!?

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Ren Xiong's amazing self portrait (painted in the 1850s: Euopean Modern art knows nothing!):



Which atavar would suit me better!?


This one does it for me :-)


PS I only changed my avatar as a test when trying to help someone out, I'll be changing it back. I did think that someone could have helped the frustrated avatar changers with advice by now


Amadeus! Are you there?

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It's a sign of his unflinching admiration for my superior intellect - almost a form of obeisance, I suppose you could say.


It has nothing whatsoever to do with a disagreement which led to him showing how wonderful he was at manipulating stuff on computers. I've forgiven him for it in any case because, as you probably know, he's a cyclist and therefore deserves all the sympathy he can get.



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