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Anyone got one and can comment on how good/bad they are? I'm looking to change from Blackberry and IOS is out of the question and I'm not convinced I want to go with Android.


I had a play with a Windows phone in Manx Telecom and it was pretty fast and smooth to use. Yes I know it doesn't have 10 million apps available like an iPhone - but be honest how many do you actually use? I just want some core stuff - email, browsing, Twitter feed, maps, WhatsApp, and maybe a couple more. I was put off by the fact there was no memory card expansion so didn't get it. A Nokia Lumia 800 IIRC.


I've gotten a bit tired of Google and I find the gmail client awful to use and I'm starting to use Microsoft Live.com a lot more. A much better client IMHO; so the idea of better integration of a WM7.5 phone with all my Microsoft desktop stuff is appealing.


Anyhoo... any feedback on using WM 7.5 phones would be welcomed. Ta.

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I had a dabble with a HTC 7 Pro for a while and WP7 is a wonderful smooth and sleek OS if that's what you want. Lack of expansion is less of an issue if you don't mind syncing to zune to swap music around etc. occasionally. I'm back on Android now but that's mainly because of emulators and various custom roms etc. that I missed.

Battery tends to be better than the average smartphone too because WP7 is just better made.

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Love my HTC HD7, had it over a year, with Mango (7.5) it vastly improved, but they have a long way to go yet.


No USB Sync with Outlook (??!!)

No Skype integration

No VPN client

Very little customisation (if that is your thing)

No drag and drop of files to memory - if you want a PDF you have to email it in and view via Email, no saving to the device. You can use Skydrive though.

Games are a touch expensive (£2.29 for Angry Birds for example)


THose are my main gripes, but none of the above may be of any interest to others anyway.


Xbox Integration is superb

Apps are getting there

OS is very slick, great interface.


They have just announced the HTC Titan II so, I'm holding out for that. The Nokias are looking good, but the newest release (900) is USA only :(

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Have a HD7 too with 7.5 and is a very good phone and the rate at which they are adding improvments is pretty impressive. Agree some apps are a bit more expensive and there is not the choice of iPhone / Android but everything I've ever needed / wanted has been available.


Now that MS own Sykpe would not be surprised to see it built in to future versions, they are certainly committed to a release soon.


Very pleased I went WP7

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