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Who Should Stump Up For His Excellency The Lieutenant Governor?

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Trouble looms large in the house of his Excellency. As our new government of unity looks to find ways to continue to fund the needs of his Excellency when all areas of government apart from perhaps education, health and social care face financial constraints, can we still afford his Excellency and if so who should pay for this. Much has been said about the amount of work his Excellency does for the IOM but the point for discussion is can we afford it, who should pay for it and in this day and age should he have a group of staff dedicated to his every whim. Also as most other areas of employment struggle, public and private, how can efficency savings be made in the running costs incurred through having a Governor?

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I cannot but help feeling that this is an excellent position for retired military folk (do they draw their pensions whilst they are a Lieutenant?) and for public servants in the Foreign and Commonweal

His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor? FFS It's the 21st century not the middle ages   Totally irrelevant and a complete and utter waste of money

Re the original question: he represents the queen - therefore the queen should pay. Simple.

I'm curious as to why he employs a South African as a driver. There must be a manxie that can drive.


Did he bring him with him I wonder ? Does he need a work permit ? If so, how did he get one for a driving job ? It's not like you have to be practiced at swerving to avoid wildebeest on the run to the airport.

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Add up the savings;


No tax free wage, no wages for the staff, sell government house ( gotta be worth millions), it's a no brainer.

I realise that many countries have a largely ceremonial post (eg. the British Queen, the Irish President) The difference is that these people have actually been to the country they represent before being appointed.

At a time when unemployment is rising & govenrment cuts are beginning to bite across the board (health & education included), the shameful waste of public money that is the governor needs to be stopped, regardless what the Queen or Barrie fucking Stevens thinks about it.

Come to think of it has anyone ever seen the Queen & Barrie in the same room? Perhaps Barrie Stevens is the chosen user name of the inbred dwarf herself.

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I cannot but help feeling that this is an excellent position for retired military folk (do they draw their pensions whilst they are a Lieutenant?) and for public servants in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office who don't have an overseas post to fill because of cut backs.


However in fairness I have looked up the onerous duties of the position set out in its job description:


Job Specification of the Lieutenant Governor

  • To be Her Majesty The Queen’s personal representative and impartial adviser;
  • To represent Her Majesty The Queen on ceremonial occasions;
  • To host Royal and VIP visits and occasions in conjunction with the Island’s authorities;
  • To play a full and active part in the social and charitable affairs of the Isle of Man and promote community activity in this area;
  • To carry out certain executive functions in relation to the control of immigration and the exercising of delegated authority to give Royal Assent to a wide range of primary legislation;
  • To transmit recommendations for certain Crown appointments to the Secretary of State for Justice following consultation with the Island or Church authorities, as appropriate;
  • To make recommendations for official Honours and Awards to the Department for Justice in consultation with the relevant Island authorities;
  • To work with the Island’s authorities to help promote the interests of the Isle of Man on public or social occasions.

This IMO seems to be about the square root of nothing. Certainly nothing that couldn't be carried out by say the President of Tywald (as long as we have one) and save us some money.


But BTW how much does it cost us to have a Lieutenant based on the IOM to advise the Queen and to recommend UK honours (an outdated system anyway - why not Manx Honours or - shock horror - none at all?)

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Guest Buddysmum

Many years ago I worked as a Secretary for HE. In those days he actually went to work every morning. I'm not quite sure what he did for our society in those days, even though he worked. Nowadays he does bugger all except "meet and greet" and host lunch parties and dinner parties that cost the Manx taxpayer a fortune and generates bugger all in return. Waste of space. Get rid.

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I think he "keeps rick on" the activities of the shower of straw suckers that we, the electorate, vote back into Government every 5 years or so.......he then reports back to Her Majesty and Her Government on whether they need to step in or "leave it a bit longer to see if they can sort it out themselves".....it's a colonial thing, you know.....

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