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Damp Proofing Homes In The Isle Of Man - Prices

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After reading the above threads I wondered if this would help others and myself.


I have two parts to my house the first part 1930s solid walls, no damp course and the other part added cavity walls 1985, insulated and filled with silver beads.


I am trying to overcome condensation, damp, high moisture levels that lead to black mould, instead of using dehumidifers all winter.


i came across this


Villavent heat recovery system


and thought it good idea so trying to look into it. there is then no need to have tricklevents or open windows, to lose heat in the winter. I do not have tricklevents to my pvc windows as they were installed before these came along, so maybe this is a good idea for me. I dont know who is the dealer on the island and will have to find out.

has anyone had this installed?

does it cost much to run?

is it affective?


I believe it is good for allergy sufferers too and maybe addes value to your house as very modern.

I was wondering if it woudl help the others on this site who have similear problems and maybe not thought of this idea.

I know it might be costly but some of the other things are too.

I had thought about tanking the walls or having them injected but dont know if that would stop the dampness. There is no damp cousre in my 1930s part of the house.


What do others think or have tried?

Our house is brick house built 1889. We had downstairs injected 10 years ago, although have since been told by a builder it was pointless , something to do with the bricks all being different sizes. My hubby has siliconed both sides of the house, vented all rooms by drilling through the brick to the outside , we've unblocked all our chimneys and also capped them. We still get damp and condensation/ mould. He's also knocked the brick right back and re concreted the walls . We leave a dehumidifier going now in the day time in one room.

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We had a damp wall at cellar level. Local company wanted to charge multiple thousands tanking the wall. Friend of the old man came in and noticed that there was actually a crack in the floor, and the water was wicking up the wall. Covered the floor with heavy duty damp proofing gear (looked like tar to me, and set like concrete). The wall dried out in three days, problem solved for £400.00. Be wary of so called experts. If you are getting quotes from anyone and pm me, I will tell you who the local company was that nearly raped my bank account.


Raped bank account - brilliant pinch.gif

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