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Well at least you got a reply Rab :) It's lost it's appeal now, by the time I dig all that peat, dry it all, etc etc it would be just as good to get the nice man to bring the coal round and fill up the bunker, might cost £150 extra but really? my time is worth more than that.

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I tend to use castletown as I can do it online. Being all lazy n all.


You can email Blacks but, as it was the first time I had used them I wanted to make sure they were real coal people not just some boiler room full of people taking my credit card details to sell on to the people at "system notification limited" or whatever. Anyway, they are very nice, Castletown Fuels are nice too, I went there to pay my bill once (checking they weren't selling my card details...etc)

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Anyway, they are very nice, Castletown Fuels are nice too


That's amazing, who would have thought it? I mean, you just expect anyone involved with coal to be total bastards... ; ))


No, only YOU think that way, Pier-rot.


....and another thread sies a death.......

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And on the third day the thread was resurrected...


I forgot to order coal before Christmas (well, I didn't actually forget, I remembered but when I went to order it...they had stopped delivering). Granddad to the rescue, being old and rickety he is no longer able to manage his coal fire and thus has a (very cute) coal store with a couple of bags worth of coal in, there was anthracite and various other coals dating back to hmmm, the house is +/-1940's so, the 1940's I'd guess. We cleared it out and have been using it since, I'm wondering if coal was better back in the day or am I imagining things, I feel sure the fire is 'better' with the old coal. The anthracite is definitely better, the blocks were smaller and harder.


MrBees said "The more shiny coal is the better it is." he tells me lots of things some of which I naturally question, this is one of them.

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Farmers Combine for me too. I burn wood, peat blocks and coal on my multi-fuel stove. My only regret is that I didn't buy one sooner as it produces far more heat than my previous open fire. Surprisingly cheap to buy and install as well.

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