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To be fair, if drivers were to be considerate and leave enough space between cars when crawling around the island there would be no need for anyone to have to do multiple overtakes. In fact nobody wou

Have to say the amount of times you get flashed and horns blown while you pass 3-5 cars on the moutain is utter madness. yes you may like to do 30mph and all the others might well be 2 scared to overt

You consistently try to insult me and yet would like me to explain myself to you. Who are you exactly? Its becoming tiresome. You've assumed my post about "let my eyes wonder" means I take my eyes off

Deano, you may regret that offer of advice re cars. It's only a matter of time (and not long) before I try too pick your brains.


I'm also far to smart to put on here that everything in my life is just great. I'm very happy with my lot but I keep it to myself.

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Neither does mine, don't you realise that there are real females in the world? I'll stick with a real one. You stick to your blow up ones. Everyone to their own.


Don't rise to the bait Grant. Peer Lunatic is just one of those people who don't have a life of their own so choose to pick at others. If you ignore it, it will go away (although sadly not permanently)

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