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I followed the debate on tuition fees last evening with interest. A number of things stood out, both general and specific, from comments made during the day's debate.   First, the sheer arrogance of

They didn't try to rush it through, just arrogantly assumed it would be passed using the block vote and 'collective responsibility' the glue that holds this government of national unity one party stat

It depends whether the Department of Education has come up with a proper student loans system like that in operation in the UK, or if they're simply going to extend the current ridiculous semi-persona

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Any idea when this is being debated again in Tynwald.


Tonight or tomorrow?

It's in the order paper No1, so anytime. depends how much time is taken up on items before it.

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My 16 year old was outside Tynwald protesting in the bitter cold yesterday, today and now I believe they are planning to be back there tomorrow .... whatever you feel about the issue, their optimism and determination is to be applauded. I really hope they will make a difference.

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many kids now do media studies or art degrees which are a total wast of money.


How many? And what proportion go on to get perfectly good graduate jobs after their degrees?


In UK institutions, there were around 25,310 people studying full time for a first degree in media studies in 2011/2012. That's just under 2% of all students, hardly 'many', and roughly the same number who study clinical medicine.


Those studying fine art form an even lower number of the student population, at 14,090 students, or 1.1% of all students.


If those proportions are similar for Manx students, we're talking about 28 and 15 students respectively.


Figures taken from HESA's website.

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i agree with truth doctor, why should i pay to educate someone elses kids. many kids now do media studies or art degrees which are a total wast of money. go out and get a propper job and pay some bloody tax.


*I (capitalised)




*Many/Go (capital letter follows a fullstop)


Enough said!

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I think it's clear if the chatter is correct that the Govt has now got enough votes for this to be passed today.


But there is a long way to go between that happening and the Govt being able to implement it as planned.


We know there are legal challenges in the offing, and the Govt know that too. It will be interesting to see if they try and hide that fact from members

during the debate or if they come clean and ensure any members that do vote for it do so in the knowledge that it may be found to be illegal when it gets to Court.


Of course a responsible Govt, faced with this challenge, would simply remove it from the order paper until there was real clarity and avoid the potential

embarrassment of having a vote on something which is later found to be illegal.


But don't hold your breath with this lot. Political expediency, limited intellect, huge ego and sheer ignorance are clearly hard to overcome!

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Info. from Guernsey:


" EDUCATION is seeking emergency meetings with the four universities that refused to treat island students the same as those in the UK. Cambridge, Cardiff, Warwick and Imperial universities announced it would bring in higher overseas fees for Guernsey students in December. But higher education and legal manager Eddie Martel said the department has been trying to arrange meetings with the institutions to talk about the issue. ‘What we would like to get out of those meetings is for the universities to charge our students home fees rather than international fees.’ Education minister Robert Sillars, pictured, said further comment would be made once meetings had taken place."


Let's hope the IOM Minister and officials are also going to these meetings.

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As an aside, in the news today, uk government are suggesting that older people go back to uni to update their skills.


I wonder if the uk universities are struggling for numbers? I mean, if a 60 year old does a 3 year course it could easily cost him his entire savings, or he could end up leaving with a massive debt, and little or no chance of paying it off.




Bonkers idea, but if the universities were not struggling for numbers, why would one of their spokesmen suggest this?

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They're struggling in some subjects. There has apparently been a bit of a dip in MA applications too, they think it's due to the cost and lack of support*. One archaeology department went bust and had to delay my friend's MA course until next year.Perhaps they think that older people will be more able to afford it and need the numbers? It seems odd to suggest Uni for updating skills though, that's one heck of a commitment. More students mean less on benefits and lower unemployment figures?


*I do only know about the state of humanities (mostly history, classics and archaeology) though, it could be very different in other subjects.

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