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More Manx Road Madness.....!


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The correct way to is to slow as to create an artificial gap that the other motorist can use by slowing a little. However, I can fully understand the frustration of motorists trying to exit a junction over given the hundreds if ignorant 'I have right of way so fuck you' drivers who will even close up a gap in case that - jebus forbid - someone gets in front of them.


The Island is one of the most ignorant and spiteful road networks I have ever driven on.

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Threads criticising the driving of other people are a perennial favourite on here. I think before putting hands to keyboard, we should all ponder the fact that pretty well all drivers who are asked consider their own driving abilities to be above average.


How much did it really inconvenience you, JumpUp?


Not much but if it isn't covered in the highway code then why should it be practised? Like indicating round parked cars and not giving correct priorities when approaching parked cars.


The Mazda driver might or might not have been wrong, but the Highway Code counsels tolerance of other road users:


  • try to be understanding if other road users cause problems; they may be inexperienced or not know the area well
  • be patient; remember that anyone can make a mistake

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Agreed, especially with Silentbob's comments.


I believe then that the Mazda driver is correct to slow to create an artificial gap out of politeness when travelling at 30-40 but to then stop when the other vehicles have decided that the gap isn't quite safe enough to use is where the Mazda was wrong.

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This has happened a few times but now I really do want to rant.


Would the driver in the Black 323 Mazda from Bettridges please make it known that stopping in the middle of a main road to allow one van out of and one car into the Snugborough Trading estate is dangerous, inconsiderate and shows complete lack of care for the 20 or so cars behind you.


The same driver thought it would also be a good idea to stop again just before the brown bobby to let another vehicle out of Belmont Hill.


If you are comfortable controlling your speed to allow a big enough gap for the other driver to make a decision whether to go or not fine however, if that driver hesitates they hesitate for a reason! It is not then up to you to stop your Japanese piece of shit in the middle of the road stubbornly (or with just complete unawareness of other drivers) until they have pulled out and completed their manoeuvre.




If I had a knob behind me then I would do the same thing...


If you had a knob behind you, wouldn't that be something entirely different thumbsup.gif

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Also I would still say that the bigger problem today is the legions of white vans driving around with no lights (nevermind no fog lights) when there's 10m of visibility in parts of the island.


Whats the problem? They can see you, can't they.


They don't need to indicate either, because they know where they are going.

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