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Job Lots Of Laminate Flooring


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Job Lots of Laminate flooring....


Lot 1- 23m2 £115

Lot 2- 24.9m2 £125

Lot 3- 29.8m2 £150

Lot 4- 37.7m2 £185


1-4 are Quick step laminates. Have 3-4 colours in square meterage total shown for each lot. Equivalent to £5m2


Lot 5- 23.3m2 £115

Lot 6- 26.5m2 £130


5-6 are Pergo laminates same as above etc.


All brand New warehouse clearance

To be collected (braddan) pm or tel/txt 205641

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a square metre is completely different to a metre squared


one is two dimensional

the other is four dimensional


flooring is two dimensional

room space is four dimensional


so, therefore, flooring is sqm

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carpet/flooring is flat so you can walk on it, if it were metres squared, you would live in it or on it.


Sorry to fag up a for sale thread, but metres squared is a two dimensional measure of area. Metres cubed would give you three dimensions.


Can you not see the difference between a square and a cube?


ETA - http://home.blarg.net/~math/squares.html

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