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You will be able to get 2 cheese & onion pastries for a £1.00 thumbsup.gif


Not on the IOM sadly!!!


99% of anything from "across" certainely has a higher price on it, as opposed to the outlets in the UK (for example) so 2 Cheese and Onion Pasties/Pastries will probably not be £1.00 (speculation) and more like £1.20/£1.30??


This is why there is a lot more "online" purchases (resulting in local businesses not profiting from local sales, apart from maybe the lazy and guillable customers, who wouldn't know cheese from chalk and still pay over the odds prices in IOM shops!) for goods, petrol/diesel is usually put into tanks (fully) when going over to the UK and ther prices on clothes, electricals, food, etc is always (and will probbaly be) more than the UK ever?!?!?! TK-Max prices are still over what you can buy from a UK outlet (from what I have seen).


I always buy my clothes/electricals/books/DVD's, etc, etc online as they are certainely cheaper and better quality (most of the time).



Out of curiosity, are you Manx? Edited by cheesypeas
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But there are valid reasons for SOME differential in price here. We are a remote Island of 80,000 people and the UK is a country of 56 million. Economy of scale does come into it to a degree as does the cost of (expensive) transport and very high retail rents. On many online purchases, the seller is making a loss sending stuff here and you are simply getting away with it because they are taking a big carriage charge on the chin and are too large to realise or care. Some of the more savvy retailers will not accept offshore orders or else they will whack on an excess carriage charge. The Island retailer doesn't have that large bank of UK customers to fund your subsidy.


As a matter of interest, what level of uplift to UK prices do you think is reasonable or are you willing to pay to shop locally?

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I went into a Greggs one morning when they had first opened , asked for a sausage roll , they said that they only had cold ones , i asked if she could pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds , she said they wern't allowed due to 'health and safety'

The worlds gone mad

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