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A Lack Of Wheat And Gluten Free Foods In Our Shops And Restaurants!


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Man up he says!! I have had a ft of intestine removed due to my crohn's disease. knob!!!


I don't mean to sound rude or flippant but if you've lived on a restricted diet for the last 3 years, you know you have to plan your meals ahead and won't always be able to pick stuff up or eat in cafes/restaurants. If you're getting bored with the food you buy ready-made, try a new recipe book. Its not easy but if it helps your health its worth the effort.

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So you can eat sausage rolls as long as they haven't got gluten in? What is gluten?


Gluten is basically in any wheat product. You can get gluten free stuff of similar taste by using Rice Flour instead of Wheat Flour (there are a few other flours that can be used too).


@Sunny North, it's not really about whether you can plan ahead or not, it's about the fact that it /should/ really be an option. Obviously you can always take your own grub, but it's not really much fun or social is it?

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