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"at leat the cost of even a basic cremation is not cheap"


This is the Isle of Man. Something "not being cheap" in no way means it is unsubsidised. I think non-Douglas corpses should be charged more, and I shouldn't be subsidising posties' afternoons on the golf course any more than I am already!


I think all rates cover maintenace of local graveyards, from memory in Glen Auldyn with a small bungalow I paid 12 quid last year which I assume went to the Lezayre church's graveyard. Your annual charge could well be for this.


Given what I paid last year for cremation I can't believe that the cematorium runs at a loss.


How much do you pay for this each year?

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Here are a few reasons the rates in Douglas are so high!!!


1 - Crematorium is in Douglas and funded by us Douglas Ratepayers but ironically is an all Island facility!


2 - Horse Trams!


3 - Decorative lighting on the Promenade, oh how freakin pretty!


4 - Borough Wardens!


5 - Large amount of Corporation staff, electricians, plumbers, painters, joiners, etc, etc


6 - Some pretty flowers in the Prom Gardens and a Gardening Dept.


7 - Library


8 - Golf Course


Not to sure what else though!


So even with the above you can see why us fools are paying so much in rates for living in a dormitory town!!!!


The Library you say well look at this



2 x Part-time (18.5 hours week) Library Assistant (LTC – 31st March 2013) - Grade 4 (SCP 16 - 22)

(£20,271.00 - £24,195.00 pro rata)

The Council is seeking to appoint 2 part-time Library Assistants within the Henry Bloom Noble Library,

Victoria Street, Douglas. Applicants will be expected to work hours as directed which will include some

Saturday working.

Excellent communication and customer service skills are essential, along with the ability to deal with

complaints in a positive and constructive manner. Library experience would be an advantage. If you would

like to know more about these roles then please contact the Borough Librarian, Jan Macartney on 696453,

who will be pleased to discuss this opportunity with you.

Miss K J RICE, CHIEF EXECUTIVE, Town Hall, Ridgeway Street, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM99 1AD

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Guernsey changed the basis of rating some years ago to be based on the composition of your property (they previously had a system similar to ours but even more antiquated) - land, garden, main dwelling, business premises etc and it's value in squared meters. The Gov / local authorities then decide on a multiplier that gets applied to each category.


All very fair and equitable and allows the local authorities some interesting options too to attract or discourage certain types of businesses into their area via the rating system.

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A bit af an exaggeration maybe, but look at the AA's tables for running costs of a car. Add in parking (unless you park on the prom), maybe even work out the cost of food while visiting Douglas. Then cost this for a nuclear (2.4) family. Compare that with living in Douglas and walking to the facility you are visiting.


Could you do it for 30 quid?


Hmmm. Well unless your 2.4 children are particularly heavy, I can't see that that it would increase the cost of getting to Douglas that much. Mind you if they need feeding to recover from a journey of maximum 45 minutes, they probably are.


Anyway this is the Isle of Man. People will drive to something from the next street (and then spend 15 minutes driving round looking for a free parking space).

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If the way rates are structured has not really changed since 1971, I don't see how Douglas Folk can complain that theirs are higher. When you bought your house surely you weighed up the pro's and con's of higher rates vs. higher petrol costs and inconvenience of living out of town?

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I don't think the fact that an injustice is historic prevents people from complaining about that injustice, does it? Would a black Zambian immigrant into South Africa be expected to wholeheartedly support apartheid?

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Given what I paid last year for cremation I can't believe that the cematorium runs at a loss.


How much do you pay for this each year?

You were cremated last year????? How did you survive that?


I'm just a hunk, a hunk of burning love

Just a hunk, a hunk of burning love

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