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Steam Packet Warns Of Disruption To Sailings


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1 minute ago, The Old Git said:

I haven’t got any. I’ve enjoyed the film a couple of times because of the Route 66 theme. 

Buying christmas or birthday presents for our grandson was easy....  we were the best grandparents ever when we bought him a couple of those. Made up everytime he was!

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34 minutes ago, doc.fixit said:

Should be interesting on a windy day

The snooker and pool tables on cruise ships are mounted on an automatic gyroscopic mechanism which adjusts the angles accordingly. 

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5 hours ago, The Phantom said:

 At the time, Sierra Leone and South Korea had the same population and GDP, look at them now.  One of those countries has a shit ton of natural resources.  The other doesn't but has a stable government, and educated and driven workforce.  Care to guess which is which? 

Population in 1960 of Sierra Leone 2.2 millionpopulation of South Korea in 1960 25 million.  Do you think Mr Tony might have been being inaccurate again?

Of course having natural resources can be more of a curse for a country because more powerful countries and companies will try to nick them.

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