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Steam Packet Warns Of Disruption To Sailings


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Just now, Cambon said:

That is ok. The red part is a fender. Should be no damage. 

It's a bit of kit designed to reduce damage not stop damage. There may have posssibly been some damage depending on the force sideways and weight on the side of the vessel. The skin of the ship is not strong enough to resist the full weight of the ship in a localised area

Its not a thing designed as a tool for manoeuvre.

Fingers crossed you are right!

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37 minutes ago, NoTailT said:

Apparently was followed by a sidewards prang against the wall whilst trying to reverse park.


Sounds like a double whammy!

Strangely, there are no other (big) ships in Heysham Harbour, though there are two outside, maybe waiting for clearance to go in?

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