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Steam Packet Warns Of Disruption To Sailings


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1 hour ago, Roger Mexico said:

Like a lot of things to do with the Steam Packet, I wonder if this was forced.  The press release (which is rather terse) starts: "Upon the decision by the owners of “MV Arrow” to sell the cargo ship..." and presumably they would still have needed it for the Winter for cover etc until the new boat arrives.  Are there many other boats they could have chartered in instead and does EUR 9 million represent a fair price?

It’s 24 years old already when the SPC has said that the Ben my Cree (which is the same age) wasn’t up to the job and they wanted new ships. 


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22 minutes ago, Andy Onchan said:

Might this have something to do with more containerised traffic is being moved rather than containers on trailers? 

Isn’t Arrow a freight RoRo carrying containers on flatbed trailers?

total of 1,057 metres (1,156 yd) lane capacity, which means she can carry 88 trailers”

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2 hours ago, Hillside said:

Douglas harbour webcam - tug seems to be holding BMC in position on berth?

Going to be a job to keep the Manxy alongside in these gales. She's got and even higher, wider and longer profile than the Ben. 


Heard last week that the Ben is off on longterm charter to Calmac next year once the new ship is up and running, coming back here for Christmas and TT. 

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