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Fukishima Now A Threat To The Whole Planet....

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There is no cover up.


Japan is not the most liked country in Asia. If a single blip of an unusual radioactive particle was detected anywhere in Asia, the country who found it would be on their soapbox denouncing Japan.


I think you'll find this is coming from the US, who have no particular axe to grind with Japan and actually have a rather a large vested interest in the topic, seeing as they are downstream of any radiation leakage.


Yup. But surely if there was a conspiracy, it would be the USA who would be trying to cover it up. Given their financial relationship with Japan.


They are attempting to cover it up that's the whole point of the topic, but with the internet they cannot cover every conceivable angle.

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Gazza - I'm unclear when you say "they diden try to cover that up did they" - they most definitely did try to cover it up. The Soviet Union refused to confirm anything for days after the melt down -

I love that show.

My understanding is that the only evacuation zone still in force is the 12 Km one. The other areas have been opened. link This map from Fukushima Updated gives radiation levels sampled back in Febr

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Why do people want to cover up everything?


There are tens of thousands of people involved with what happened in Japan. Do they all have the secret handshake or what?


Over the past decades there must be hundreds of thousand of people sworn to secrecy regarding their parts in the hundreds of conspiracy theories going around. Make that millions if you include all the members of the worldwide press.


If these tens of millions of people were sworn to secrecy on pain of death.... why has none of them went to court for compensation.


Ah. But then the courts are in on it too.... the lawyers.... the assistant lawyers.... all the way down to the guy who empties the bins at the end of the conspirational meetings.


And that man of course was Barrie Stevens crying.gif


Come on Barrie, spit it out w00t.gif

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I'm not saying there is a cover up regarding radiation but I'm also not as confident as you seem to be that there isn't while dismissing information without even looking at it. There might not be a cover up about how much radiation is leaking from the plant but there seems to be a cover up regarding the plant prior to the earthquake and tsunami. Corporations cut corners, governments are heavily interlinked with corporations big and small, cover ups happen in all shapes and sizes. Watch Greg Palast's video or read some of his articles before casting them off as nonsense. Ignorance and thinking that you already know something before looking at it is silly. He's one of the finest investigative journalists out there that has broken some big stories over the years. You may have seen him on Newsnight a few times. He's not some gullible loon or a mainstream zombie who knows how to copy and paste or repeats every word of a press release that's given to him from official sources without a single question.



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But he is an ambitious journalist trying to make a name for himself.


I have worked as an Engineer in world wide corporations. A very small cog in a big machine of course. But as such I prefer to trust what Engineers say over that of an ambitious journalist.

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Point is. be it a cover up or what ever. this is a lot worse than when chernobyl blew her lid. (they diden try to cover that up did they) That you have to agree on.

we never really will see the true effects of this for 10s of years. By then it just be one more statistic.

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Gazza - I'm unclear when you say "they diden try to cover that up did they" - they most definitely did try to cover it up. The Soviet Union refused to confirm anything for days after the melt down - it was alarms going off in nuclear plants in Scandinavia which alerted the world to the problem (can you image what it must have been like for the engineers in those plants: having their warning alarms going off and searching and searching their systems to identify a problem, not finding one, but then discovering the detectors are working correctly, but are detecting radioactivity coming in from elsewhere on the wind!)


The Japanese authorities have been far more open, there is vastly more data on radiation levels etc - alot of it collected by volunteer networks.


Sure there was incompetence, a lack of awareness of the seriousness of the issue and more than likely politicians and company bigwigs downplaying the dangers and sizes of the leaks - but you can measure radioactivity really easily - if you don't trust TEPCO's, try Greenpeace's - the amount of radiological substances released are far lower than at Chernobyl:


[T]he amount of iodine-131 escaping from all the reactors at Fukushima Daiichi was less than 10 percent of the amount released at Chernobyl, and the release of caesium-137, the next most important fission product, was less than 15 percent of the Chernobyl total.


I await the cries of lies, but to do that you need to explain why the testing is showing radiation levels consistent with these levels of release. Yes, its nasty, yes thousands of square km's have some level of contamination, but in all the monitoring only 9 people recieved more than 10 mSev - that is the average background radiation the 30K or so people living at Ramsar in Iran recieve every year they live there.


Gazza, I hope that puts things in some sort of perspective. It isn't desolation, it was serious, with massive consequences, but overall the flu is a far bigger threat every winter.

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I bet the people who panic over this are the same ones who panic over Global Warming.




When in trouble

Or in doubt,

Run in circles,

Scream and shout.



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Yes this whole Fukishima debacle is rather worrying to say the least!


The nuclear industry has a clear history of covering up their mucky little tracks in the media. It's a shame they don't clean up after themselves in the environment!

Want a bit of proof... well they tried to cover up Chernobyl until the radiation alarms in a Sweedish nuclear plant went off! They panicked then realised it wasn't them. It was only when the whole world new it was coming from Russia that they finally admitted to it.


Mayak Chemical Combine anyone? Most people haven’t even heard of it! It's the Russian Equivalent of Sellafield oh I mean Windscale or whatever they are calling it these days! The most radioactively contaminated place on this planet! Do a quick Google and check it out for yourself! It's far worse than Chernobyl! Oh there is also the Siberian Chemical Combine (Seversk), Andreeva Bay (but at least they are finally doing something about this one), the Lepse service ship etc. etc. etc..... This is just Russia!


The Simi Valley Nuclear Disaster in America?


These aside what is far more concerning for as all on this fair Island is Sellafield! An interesting read from Bellona in 2003 about this history of the place, historic discharge levels (including deliberate) some history of the Sellafield (Windscale) 1957 disaster in which the whole of the nuclear reactor was on fire for days and spewing radioactivity across the UK and Europe. This reactor was Air Cooled! http://www.bellona.org/reports/sellafield


The real question is what proper alternatives are there to nuclear, oil, gas, wind (which is costly and unreliable) etc. Possibly Thorium, Fusion, Cold Fusion? We really need another Nicola Tesla to advance civilisation properly!

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Nuclear is the way to do at the moment. With an HT cable system distributing the energy from geologically stable areas to the less stable ones.


Energy is a global issue, not a national one.

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If you think you have a right to be worried about your health living on the IoM, imagine the absolute despair for those families living 20-50km from the power plant who have no where to go and a house that is worth nothing. The Government has asked people living 20-30km to 'voluntary evacuate' which i assume means no help.

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