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Canon Ef 24 Mm - 70 Mm F/2.8 L Usm Lens For Sale

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For sale, a fantastic fast lens bought from new. Takes good sharp pictures even in low light. The wedding photographer's lens of choice and portraits taken with it are gorgeous.


The glass is perfect with no scratches. Always used with a UV lens filter. Always carefully stored in protective case. Comes in original packaging with lens covers, lens hood, and case. I will throw in the UV filter.


£850 ono

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Congratulations on a very nice lens Jacobaman. However, bearing in mind your comments on the price I'd better respond.


Despite sharing the L badge, there are quite a few differences, not least the speed and low light capabilities of the lenses (f/4 vs f/2.8)


A quick look on Amazon reveals that a new Canon 17-40 L on amazon is £604 so you've saved £129.

Brand new 24-70mm on Amazon is £1,337. Buyer's saving £487. So I think this represents a fair price.


Thanks for your interest anyway.

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I concur - used 24-70 L lenses often go for more than the price being asked here - comparing it to a 17-40 doesn't mean anything.


Good luck with the sale - if I had the money I would trade from my 24-105 and get the 24-70 instead, but I can't afford to alas.

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