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1 Way Over The Mountain......


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people would drive a lot more carefully if they expected traffic to be travelling in the other direction too, the idea that there are less fatal injuries due to the one way system is IMO suspect - I'd love to see the accident stats from the time it was a 2 way system.. The one way only serves to enthuse the dicks who think they can race over the mountain a good proportion of which will come a cropper in the next fortnight. They'd be better of running it like the Nürburgring for a couple of hours each day so the visitors (and locals) can work their frustration out of their systems - just tell them before they go that if they go off they'l have to wait til the road opens before they can get picked up or treated.

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..also started today is the farce that is the one way system on St Ninian's Road.


Just been out for my end of lunch fag and counted no less than 6 cars in less than five mins. going the wrong way.

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If it was purely a safty issue. making it one way anti clockwise would make more sense.

That would be extremely daft and ten times more dangerous.



Why do you think it would not be more dangerous?


Because as I said in my original post I believe less of the idiots would be tempted to "race" on that bit of road if they did not think they were emulating the actual racers

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They'd be better of running it like the Nürburgring for a couple of hours each day .....


With the same level of charges for those wishing to "have a go"......


We all know the 'talent' will run out long before the money.




Does it have a 'the' - after all its not 'the Brands Hatch', or 'the Silverstone' is it? Just asking like

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First crash already! Admittedly it was a car going into the back of a lorry at the Grandstand but what the hell.


BOOOOOOOO down with the TT etc.


We passed that, but it looked like a car had smashed into the back of a lorry with a second car going into the back of the first car. The cars were a dreadful mess. How they can incur that level of damage on that rather slow section of road, amazes me.


Not enough braking distance, clearly.

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arguably the mountain road had become borderline one way by consensus anyway


I know I rarely drove against the flow for TT by my own choice due to the risk of having a biker through my windscreen


Equally it means that coming home to Ramsey in the evenings is almost pointless before 6.30pm

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Why anti clockwise???


Being the opposite way to the races it would probably deter a few of the mindless idiots treating the road one was as being a race track and riding as such.


I appreciate it would be an extremely unpupular decision but on safety grounds it has a lot going for it. I also think that it makes sense it terms of the general population. The pressure points are generally not in the morning in terms of getting to work as travel is not as concentrated but in the evening on practice nights or when there have been delays.


i used to think this way too, but we all know that no matter which direction the road is travelled some dick travelling too quickly on a motorbike will end up in a heap. at such a time it makes far more sense to have the ambulance or coroners vehicles heading in the direction of nobles hospital and the morgue rather than the opposite direction.

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