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Calling Someone "fatty" Could Become A Hatecrime.


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This is English legislation, our law is as ever slightly different, both in advance and behind what it is in England.


We have no aggravated offences relating to race, religion or sexuality, which they do in England, although the courts reflect the seriousness of racial, religious and sexuality abuse in sentencing by heavier penalties.


However under the Public Order Act we have already got "insulting words" in the IOM and that would include "fatty" or calling a police man "pig"

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In a packed noisy pub on Friday night, I heard someone say to me 'You're fat'. 'What?' I said, so I punched him. Then he said even louder 'You're a tw*t', and so I punched him again. I had to apologise and buy him a pint, as he was actually only pointing out that I'd dropped my hat.

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calling someone black or gay IS A REAL HATECRIME


No it isn't.


ok, poor choice of words. attacking someone because they're black or gay is hate crime. i should've elaborated on the term 'calling' as we obviously have missed the clear point and directive of this thread.

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Watched 'Secret Eaters' t'other night, on CH4. Very informative. Shows just how self-deluded and in-denial fatties can be. The level of greed and sloth shown by these people came as no surprise and they should be subject to daily reality-enforcement and not sympathy. This is a growing problem (no pun intended) and these self-indulgent fools need to be brought to book. An excuse often rolled-out is the old chestnut of lardies having a slow metabolism, whereas recent research revealed the opposite is true in that the metabolism actually speeds-up to deal with the exertion of carrying around all that extra weight!

Obesity needs to be given the same pariah status as smoking, citing the extra costs to health resources and all the other consequences of being fat.

Possibly the one and only advantage to being fat is that it makes one harder to kidnap.

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