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Hi guys! I have made the fatal mistake of getting involved with my sons "cheap "? motor project .


He turned up a while back all excited ,telling me how he had bought a really nice car very reasonably from a so called friend of his ,who told him that there was a minor problem with it but nothing that could not be fixed very cheaply, and to be fair it is quite a nice looking little car ,except that it does not run.


I gave him the money for a new alternator to fix it,but suprise,suprise it was not the alternator!


It is an electrical problem and maybe simple enough to fix?If you know anything about electrics that is!

My expertise goes as far as changing a fuse.


Which got me to thinking , wouldn't it be great if there was some sort of skills network that could be set up where people could swop their expertise for that of others ?Especially in current climate.


I am happy to try to set the ball rolling, and say that I am looking for advice and or solution to my above mentioned problem. In return, as a Carpenter I'll offer my services on same basis to a mutually agreed value .



Good idea or bollocks? H

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Does it turn over and just not fire?

Does it fire up and die seconds after?

Does it turn over at all?

Do you just hear a click when the key is turned?

Is there a red light flashing on the dash when you turn the key?


Things to look for -


New battery - old one not holding charge.

New stater motor - old one draining the battery when turn the engine turn over.

Earthing, check battery to frame earth straps - also check the battery to starter motor leads.

Wrong key - ECU bust - lost its coding - key needs programming.


It may still be the alternator - was the connector any good?


Check the earth connections to the body of the car - the thick black ones from -ve side of the battery and one to the frame The other to the body of the starter motor - it gets trapped by one the mounting bolts to give a good earth.. Check the big red lead from the +ve battery to the starter motor, and the 'signal' wire to the soleniod. (The solenoid is the little tube thing on top of the big tube thing (the starter motor) that sits in the side of the engine where it meets the gear box)


Any of these worn, covered in crap and oil and they don't work too well.


Take the top off the cooling bottle and the cap off the oil filler. Grey horrid slush and no amount of electric work is going to get the car running - its a compression issue -i.e water does not compress - and if its in a cylinder forget it, there is not chance of getting it to turn over.


They are for free ideas.


I used to like the time barter system - it works well in most cases - but I was done over seriously by someone who wanted everything for nowt and then 'forgot' about me when the time came to get time back. I guess you just have to choose you barter buddy with some care.

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I can knit, sew, crochet and erm....yes, well, did I mention I can knit and sew? If anyone has problems with things they knit, crochet or sew, I can offer the best advice (known to me) - oh I can cook a bit too, otherwise I am totally feckin useless - hey but I'm happy to help....mostly.

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Could be out of fuel, can I have my new garden shed next week pleasebiggrin.png


Brilliant :-))


Cheers "hagar", by my reckoning I owe you 3 nails !

Can you collect?

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