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Arson In Port St Mary

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You will no doubt have seen the worrying pictures on IOM newspapers of the two cars stolen in Port St Mary last night which were deliberately crashed and then burnt.


Either the local community has descended to unforseen levels of crminality, which I find hard to believe or there is an influx of criminal elements, whatever the answer, if the criminals are found they should be sent direct to Jurby and no soft social orders.I am sure this would not have happened even ten years ago, let alone an earlier time. A hard line needs to be taken with wantom vandalism and theft

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It's ok though, as "fortunately this sort of thing rarely happens in the Isle of Man".




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I think that this quote from Facebook by the son of one of the victims sums up my thoughts very eloquently:-


'I hope karma treats the person who stole my mum's car the same way he treated her car....! Set fire to him and then throw him off a cliff'.


Hear Hear

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