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The Truth Is Out There

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I think the article is VERY poorly done. Whoever wasted their time compiling it needs to do their homework as there are several glaring errors/omissions - for example, there is no mention of the treacle mines and what about the MOT? I know there isn't one but that should have been pointed out, plus obvious things like the Isle of Man being the Centre of the Universe. Oh, and there was no reference to Fathers' Day (the most confusing day in the Manx calendar, for those who aren't up to speed yet). Could the author not have employed a firm of consultants at vast expense to create a report telling us what we already know..... ? It seems to be a popular M.O. I look forward to seeing the corrected and expanded version in due course.

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Good point. Trouble is where do you start, or stop? I can think of lots of stuff that could be included, but most of it has probably already been done on MF. Hey - another thing! No mention whatsoever of Ronague Promenade! I mean, come on, how could anyone leave that out?

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As much as I love the jokes about the felt museum and the monorail, I don't think i've ever fully understood them i was living away when the ideas were floated.


What on earth is a felt museum and where was the monorail going to depart and arrive?

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