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New Football Pitch For Onchan

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It'll be a nice site for Heritage Homes in ~ 5 years.

A key difference with Laxey is they're ultimately in control of the pitch, its use and its ongoing maintenance. With the stadium, outside of Saturday afternoon - it's subject to Onchan Raceway (and th

Quirk is bought now.   He will vote in favour of Cinemanx

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I think about 75% of the current M.H.K.s are doing their best in very difficult circumstances in a very fragile world economy, indeed a very fragile world now that the U.S.A. and Russia have started squabbling over the middle east situation. As for the other 25% most of whom are on the LIST they are not just useless they are dangerous, everytime a problem comes up such as Pre School, Social Housing, Health concerns etc. instead of trying to support and encourage change they are too busy putting stones in snowballs to throw, if they had any worthwhile suggestions, or constructive critisisms, fine, but all they do is spout rubbish, backed up bu more rubbish to make themselves seem to be important to the nitwits that voted for them, the majority of them are not and hopefully never will be Ministers because the are not capable so they bandwaggon which is about all they are good at. They are already looking to getting votes for the next election and fussing around the weak and the vunerable interfering in matters that should be sorted by Commissioners or Councils. In their youth they would have probably been employed at Butlins as a redcoat, always smiling,smarmy even. They are so insular it is unbelievable, and this will continue to be the situation until we get an all Island Parliament with 24 bright individuals who are capable of viewing the wide screen. At the minute people are having to opt for best of bunch when voting and that is not the best way to go.

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Very poor turn out at Onchan commissioners election today, there is still three hours to go so mind you dont get trampled in the rush.


None of them bothered knocking on my door so I didn't bother voting.


I'm sure my wheelie bin will still get emptied regardless.

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