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Mountain Watch


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The A18 Mountain Road from Ramsey Hairpin to the Creg Ny Baa

remains closed due to the poor road conditions. It will remain closed until

17.00 hours today, Saturday 16th June, although this will be reviewed


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Just how many times a year (or days) does the Mountain Road get shut?


Let's find out, with the mountain watch thread...


That's amazing. 1 minute after starting 'Mountain Watch', it closes. Christ, it must hardly ever be open... Should we start an action group to bring this travesty to light?

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Why the interest? seems a strange thing to want to monitor.


Personally speaking I find it a hassle when the mountain road is closed as the trip to Douglas over the coast is a low slower than the mountain route. (Plus there's the fact that the coast route takes in a lot of shittily maintained roads which in my car makes for quite an uncomfortable journey, whereas the mountain is excellently maintained.)


I appreciate that closures are often necessary but if they're closing it because 'the weather is bad' then I have an issue with that, it's up to drivers to adjust to the conditions, and not the authorities to decide we're not up to the task IMO.

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So it was literally just closed yesterday because the weather up there was bad?


Shouldn't it just be a case of people driving appropriately for the conditions? Always seemed to work well enough for me in the past....


What is appropriate driving for a landslide?

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