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On 5/30/2022 at 9:05 PM, germann said:

Fewer ffs

I think of it as more than/less than when compared with a previous year, but if that’s your bug bear I can see how annoying it is for you, unfortunately I’m an uneducated/mostly self taught fool  and just do my best.

My point still stands though, fewer accidents in 2020 because of Covid lockdowns less (fewer!?) vehicles on the roads, covering less (fewer!?) miles and therefore less (fewer!?) accidents and it really shouldn’t be used for any comparisons in road safety because it will skew statistics.

I can say with some confidence statistically we will have had less (fewer) motorcycle accidents in 2020/2021 when compared to 2023.

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At the risk of continuing the pedantry, I use the rule of thumb that "less than" is used for things measured in amounts, and "fewer than" for things measured in numbers.

So, for example, an ounce of cheese is less than a pound of cheese, but two slices of bread are fewer than four slices.

But it doesn't really matter as using less when you should be using fewer is unlikely to lead to confusion and people will still know what you mean...

(What does make a difference - particularly when you are reading something - is people mixing up their/there/they're and were/we're/where.  That can be really confusing)

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