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Should This Person Take A Toothbrush To Court...


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You must be related to *someone*, John. Unless you're a Timelord. Or worse ...


Much much worse.


I.m adopted, my adoptive parents are both dead and I do have a sister, so yes I do have one relation. I meant the related in sense of connections to big wigs, powerful and influential people, which is how the poster who posed the question meant it.


Oh, the much worse is that at an early age I had a humour, irony and sarcasm bypass

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This forum is fucking weird.


In my, albeit short, time reading this forum:

Addiction isn't a real medical problem that requires treating. ADHD isn't real, it's just crazy kids. Depression isn't real. Cannabis never causes schizophrenia to develop in the genetically susceptible.


I mean really. Why do you all disbelieve years of research?


Absolutely agree. Forum asking if a guy should take a toothbrush to court, and other posters advocating illegal substances for people with addictions, and telling them to buy it off the net - exactly the same offence that landed the guy in trouble in the first place!!



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I refer you to the last posts on this thread. The only thing bonkers about the health benefits of cannabis is the fact that a private company is permitted to bastardise the plant (and is given a £10million govt grant to do so) and then, sell it to the NHS where as, people who self medicate are sent to court, well, what ever, read the thread. :)

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You don't seem to me to be the kind to be taken in by propaganda LDV but it seems you have been. The dose of cannabis recommended would not do anything except relieve pain, its quite hard to get but there seems to be an increase in places selling it on the net - the authorities (and people) need to get over the 'Reefer madness' mentality.


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