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Ginger Nuts

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Buff Prince Hal has only himself to blame! But heck I went skinny dipping more than once at that age. If he's going to get drunk and naked nowadays with the availability of mobile phones containing cameras it'll end up on the internet. Simples.


Nowadays any "private" gossip can be shared with a billion people at the click of mouse.


I'm intrigued by the supposed difference between the print and digital media over privacy issues.


Does anyone really expect "Press Standards" when anyone can see them via a google search? Standards seem to be unenforceable when competing with internet views.


Yet, the idea these photos should be published to highlight a potential security breach - which is what I understand is the Sun's defence - is laughable, but I really wonder what expectation of privacy Harry had as his pals started snapping away.


A judge found that Mosley had an expectation of privacy for his German-language themed bondage parties with prostitutes - so if Harry went to court I'm sure he could get a big donation for the Prince's Trust or whatever, but would it be worth it?


It'll be interesting how the publicity goes - will it enhance his "lad of the people" image?

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A guy gets drunk in a hotel room and plays strip billiards with some women. Leave the guy alone, it's awesome but not worth all the media hype. He's quite lucky, most women dress me with their eyes when they see me with no clothes on.

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