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Summerland On Radio 4


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The kind of low level 'investigative journalism' we are used to here. Nothing new or informative with a dig at the old boys network we would expect. Must have been a slow news day when they commissioned that. Cringle was interviewed and a fireman, no spokesman from the government or corporation, maybe they weren't asked.

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Listened to it and it twas crap.


Any programme on Summerland is better than no programme at all.


The perspective of Ruth McQuillan was new. Perhaps we should do what the Isle of Man seems to be good at and say, blame her for being there, or just say tough luck get on with your life.


The broadcast made the Manx Radio news and is on BBC Listen Again here.

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Strange she would not speak about it in the cab because "it's a manx taxi driver", unlikely but worrying she was worried.

I welcome any questions regarding the interview, the reason I did not want to speak in the cab was to avoid making the driver feel uncomfortable, I get the feeling that the Manx are very proud of their Island and rightly so!! I would like to add that on the return trip to the airport I was driven by a wonderful gentleman who told me lots about the Island and the story of the God Mannan, I am sure I have not spelt this right and I apologise.I only hope the Island was not shrouded in mist as a result of my visit!! My dearest wish is to return to your beautiful Island one day, in better circumstances.
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These pieces are edited, so no local input or 'interpretation'.

I would really like to have spoken to locals,to get their perspective, after all these years I have not had a chance to speak to any other survivors or any local people who were involved in any way, this was what I hope to achieve from my trip there, unfortunately it was too brief only a few hours.However I would really like to hear any ones views on the subject.
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