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finding kennels is a minefield, we have in the past left pups at Port Grenaugh for a weekend, which was fine (think the old chap has died since), next left them at Rover Ritz, and I only hope that has changed hands since, as they were there for 10 days and were charged for 11 as you cannot pick up until after 4pm (good scam that !), they hadn't been touched all the time they were there, I spent the next couple of hours brushing them and took 2 weeks for them to settle down again :(


ever since, we take them with us, it's amazing the places you can stay and are welcomed, not like IoM where you are some sort of pariah !


Friends have just left 2 of theirs at Blue Cottage, and their pup came to play with ours for a couple of weeks

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Port Grenaugh is run/owned by Andrew Parker. He has plenty of staff. Yes Mr Parker senior died and Mrs Parker senior often books dogs in and out, but they did not, and do not, do the donkey work. Its purpose built and lots of farmland to walk on.

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