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Manx Gas Motorsport Sponsorship

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Hardly a revelation...

I was going to lump this gripe into the what irritates you thread but I thought fuck it! It's worthy of one of it's own. I've noticed examples of motorsport photography showing various teams' machiner

Yes. I already heard you say that.

You don't see the issue?


Why would a company with a monopoly have any need to advertise? Oh, that's right, it doesn't.


And where does the money come from to pay for all of the advertising? Oh, yeah, the absolutely massive increase in the standing charge.



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It doesn't need to advertise, but sponsorship money from the likes of Manx Gas equates to a subsidy of road racing that doesn't go through the government's accounts and can therefore be disregarded in the profit/loss calculations of staging the events. It's a stealth subsidy.

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