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Dealz Opening Store In Ramsey


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Could make sense if they reckon they are doing well out of a "bargain starved" public in Douglas.


I always reckoned a Primark would do well even if they charged 100% more than the stores across to allow for higher overheads, freight costs and lower footfall. It might need a local franchisee to pursuade them by taking on the hassle parts such as the shipping to the Island. Profitable little hobby for someone at a loose end with a bit of start up capital and a smooth tongue maybe. At least I don't think you could lose.

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Is this in addition to the Douglas store, or instead of?


I guess it will keep a few more shoppers in Ramsey, which would be nice so long as it's not to the detriment of what is already here. There are enough empty units as it is.


Futurama has just closed, Victoria Mall is going to be like a mini ghost town soon.

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