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Nano Sims... There Aren't Any...

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would you pay more for a phone than you would for a car ?

Apple is the emporers new clothes. People will still buy the iphone 5. But I think the trick is wearing thin nowadays. There is a reason that most of the world uses Windows and not Mac. Apple are havi

scissors also reported to be in short supply

A 4s with ios6 won't be much different. They will still shift a shit load of them because they can. The lumia 920 pisses all over the iphone5 in my personal opinion but each to their own I suppose.


I think they have a slightly larger screen but basically no, not much different.


This summary by the blogger that used to write "The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs" is worth a read. http://www.bbc.co.uk...nology-19557497


"More important, is this really the best we can expect from an outfit that claims to be the most innovative company in the world? This is the sixth version of the iPhone, and the user interface still looks almost exactly like the original iPhone in 2007." Ouch.....

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Nope, my opinion is based on having used a range of different handsets watching them evolve more and more over the years while iphones remarket something by putting an I infront of it to make it seem cool.


Good, Because...



The guy is a hack.


Can you explain to the over 13s what that means please? Ta.



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New iPhone 5 = new docking station, new nano sim, new protective carry case, new screen protector, new contract, new itunes update, new memory due to the size of 8 megapixel images, new in-car charger!


Surely I have missed something!?


FFS its really one big freakin fashion accessory!

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