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Exposure:the Other Side Of Jimmy Savile

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Lol! Now then, now then, the Daleks would have been terrified of this monster. Even the dead weren't safe!



I mentioned this earlier in the thread:




Does anyone who read Ecstasy by Irvine Welsh, remember Freddy Royle from the short story 'Lorraine goes to Livingstone'? Freddy Royle was a TV celebrity who got off on paedophilia and necrophilia but hospital trustees would turn a blind eye because he did so much for the hospital and NHS. He had a deep Somerset drawl, perhaps a reflection of the yorkshire drawl, and similar eccentric attitudes.

I remember reading this at the time (1996) and discussing with friends that we thought it was based on a real celebrity, but maybe exaggerated. I'm not insinuating anything, just commenting.
“Freddy Royle had had, by his standards, a tiring day prior to his late afternoon arrival at St. Hubbin’s. He had been in the television studios all morning filming an episode of From Fred With Love. A young boy, whom Fred had sorted out to swim with dolphins at Morecambe’s Marineland, while his grandparents were brought back to the scene of their honeymoon, was all excited in the studio and writhed around in his lap, getting Freddie so aroused and excited that they had to do several takes.”
“Yes, the trustees knew all about Freddy Royle, Glen reflected bitterly. They knew the real secrets of the chat-show host, the authors of several books, including Howzat! – Freddy Royle On Cricket, Freddy Royle’s Somerset, Somerset With a Z: The Wit of the West Country, West Country Walks With Freddy Royle and Freddy Royle’s 101 Magic Party Tricks. Yes, those trustee bastards knew what this distinguished friend, this favorite caring, laconic uncle to the nation did with the stiffs they got in here. The thing was, Freddy brought millions of pounds into the place with his fund-raising activities. This brought kudos to the trustees, and made St Hubbin’s Hospital a flagship for the arm’s-length trusts from the NHS. All they had to do was keep schtumm and indulge Sir Freddy with the odd body.”
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Perfectly natural reaction to the creepy old fucker. I used to hide behind the sofa when Jim'll Fix It was on then emerge to watch the Daleks.

There were picture of three of his victims - as they were at the time and the way they look today. Sort of: Now- then, now-then, now-then.

Vanessa Feltz reckons Rolf 'assaulted' her on live tv!   How fucking sick would you have to be to do that?

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The fact that he got away with it time and time again, protected by his charity work and status is the real problem. If he had at least been challenged and reprimanded early on, much of this would never have happened and we may know nothing about it.

Yes, those who allowed it to happen are as guilty, if not more guilty than Savile himself! He was acting on an impulse and began to realise that he was untouchable.

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