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I know Stu gets a lot of stick on here for sharing his views and matters including Manx Radio.


What i would say is that he is a man of his word and has gone out of his way to help me on a matter.


In this day and age i think it should be applauded and considering that no other radio presenter or may i add MHK comes on

MF now, we should be greatfull that he still pops up now and again and gives straight forward honest replies to what he

believes in, although its not always to everyones agreement including mine.


I did actually think that the Government had the last word on what they will broadcast but not now.

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Stu is a fantastic guy, he stands by his principles and will not be walked over by anyone and especially bureaucracy!


Pity there is not more of people like Stu, especially in our Parliament.


Now there is a thought Stu.


Last Ten

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Reasonable bloke who calls it as he sees it and doesn't profess to know everything. Don't subscribe to the fact that he is in anyone's pocket. If he is it ain't working for him because he was one of the first to lose his government stipend along with his employment and pension rights. He does a programme called Talking Heads which is just that. He isn't there to pull his contributors apart Paxmanesque.

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Listening to Stu interview any member of Tynwald is cringeworthy, he fails to ask a single question without immediately concurring with whatever the government answer is.


I don't buy all the 'I lost my contract so I'm not tied to the government', they still pay him and if he pisses them off he will lose all his income not just some.

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What really annoys me about Talking Heads is:


* "I don't know" when in fact the answer was on Manx Radio only a few days previously, often Roger Watterson's program.

* Failing to utilise these two prime hours of broadcasting to the maximum effect.

* Blaming lack of phone calls and e-mails as an excuse to play music. If people aren't interested then it's time for a new presenter, one who cares about the island.

* Failing to get a good discussion running, instead just letting guest roll over and have their stomachs tickled.


As j2bad says, it's cringeworthy and falls far, far short of the standards I hear on local radio elsewhere.

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If people aren't interested then it's time for a new presenter, one who cares about the island.


I reckon Stu cares very much for the island, certainly more than you, with your vascillation as to whether to grace us with your twilight years.

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